A Venturi Tunnel is an aerodynamically sculpted section underneath a high-performance car that moves and compresses air in order to improve overall speed. It is an accelerator. It transforms pressure and force into speed. It acts in perfect concert with the aerodynamics in place above it. The result?

    Speed. Performance. Winning.

The Venturi Academy offers elite portfolio and career coaching for high school and college students and young professionals pursuing careers in transportation design and the creative arts.

The Venturi Academy functions like these tunnels. It is:

An accelerator.

Get to where you want to be faster by knowing what matters (and what doesn’t) when it comes to schools, programs, portfolios, and careers

A force generator.

Gain confidence and refine your vision for where you want to go in life. Eliminate the stress of indecision and take action where it’s needed.

A winning strategy.

Get into that school. Get into that program. Get ready for that interview. Get clarity on your vision and succeed.

Coaching focus areas include:
  • Portfolio review and recommendations
  • School entrance and application guidance
  • Design and skills critique
  • Personal brand development and storyline
  • Career change guidance and coaching
  • Resume review and critique
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Developing self-ownership & self-critique
Venturi Academy is perfect for:
  • Students who want to become car designers
  • High school students pursuing a creative career (digital, web, marketing)
  • International students looking to be accepted to a U.S. design school or program
  • College students exploring a change in majors, schools, or degrees
  • College students considering a graduate program in design or the creative

Coaching Packages

All coaching packages consist of an initial application form, a minimum of three 1-hour video sessions with Jon Barnes directly, follow up tasks and feedback, exclusive coaching articles and checklists, and a Venturi Academy Pursuit Report.

This coaching package is specifically for high school students who are determining if a specific school, major, or career path is right for them. These coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Refining long-term career goals and interests
  • Understanding personality type and career realities
  • Identifying a short list of schools and majors
  • Creating a roadmap for pursuing a college program and school

This coaching package is perfect for high school juniors or senior who have decided on a specific course of study in transportation design or creative communication/creative arts, and are actively applying to specific schools. These coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Creating the best possible portfolio and application
  • Defining a personal brand and design philosophy
  • Comparing and deciding between multiple schools and programs
  • Skills assessment and recommendations

This coaching package was created for students and young professionals who are in college (or have graduated), and are seriously considering returning to school or making a significant career shift into the transportation design or creative arts space. These coaching sessions will focus on:

  • Developing a career-change roadmap
  • Exploring additional education or certification options
  • Refining your personal brand and story
  • Portfolio review
  • Communicating your personal brand and portfolio to employers

Put together your own custom-tailored career coaching program based on your specific needs and desires. This could include any element from the above packages or simply time and access in order to gain clarity and insight as you formulate your own plan for the future.

Venturi Academy Leadership

Jon Barnes

With formal training in transportation design from one of the world’s leading schools and over 15 years of experience in other creative industries, Jon has rubbed shoulders with some of the top car designers, marketers, and creative gurus across multiple continents. Between his car design YouTube videos, workshops, and coaching sessions, Jon has inspired over 1 million students and young professionals across the world, giving motivational and practical guidance on identifying, clarifying, and pursuing their dreams.

Application and Process

Acceptance into Venturi Academy is based on a variety of factors such as readiness, desire, career inclinations, and available space in the program. Space is limited and not every applicant will be able to begin a coaching program right away. Fill out the below form and a full application packet will be emailed to you to begin the process.

All coaching packages come with instant access to Jon’s 9-session training course, Tips for Young Designers, which covers mindset, mentoring, and portfolio tips for high schoolers, college students, and young professionals.



3 session coaching package: US$750

5 session coaching package: US$1000 ($250 savings)

Get in touch

Send us a note, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or, you may contact us at  info@venturiacademy.com or +001 443.917.6080

  • All payments due in US $250 increments 3 days prior to coaching sessions.
  • All costs non-refundable. Ask about the Venturi Academy Scholarship Program.
  • Students younger than age 18 must submit signed parental approval for coaching services.
  • Video conferences will use Skype or Google Chat.